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Large consulting firms only see you as another line item on their balance sheet. They provide cookie-cutter solutions to your business challenges. At WC we use an endless amount of creative business solutions to start, market, and grow your business. We understand that no two businesses are the same. As such, no two solutions should be the same.

Mr. Malcolm Whichard, GCPA, CPPB has been a shining star in the corporate and government space for two decades. Since 2002 Malcolm has served as a start-up consultant for over 20 businesses. He has also worked as a partner in fiscal responsibility with several local and state government agencies as a Procurement Manager.

Ms. Erica Williams. EMBA is a brilliant branding and marketing powerhouse with over a decade in the product branding space. She has been head of several marketing and branding teams with an unmatched number of household alcohol brands such as Guinness, Campari, and Appleton. She is known on an international stage as a branding expert and has designed campaigns for small businesses and large multi-national businesses alike. She often works with budgets in the tens of millions of dollars.

  • Strategy & Organization

  • Corporate Development

  • Marketing​​​

  • Government Contracts

  • Procurement/Purchasing​

  • ​Strategic Planning

  • ​Branding​

  • Business Coaching


At Whichard Consulting we believe community is everything and that the small business is the backbone of America's economic strength. Our vision is to help our neighbors harness their talents and turn their dreams into something tangible