Whichard Consulting
PO Box 269
Mollusk, VA 22517



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We are a small business staffed by entrepreneurs – much like you.  We live our business on a day to day basis and work to build lasting relationships with our clients.

 Our service offering is focused and includes products and services we have years of experience providing.  These services include:

We are not a bank and we do not sell or market merchant card services.

We have experience providing service to a wide range of industries and government – both small and large.

Our work is focused on adding value to the client’s business or organization – there is no other reason we exist.

We are proud of the work we’ve accomplished for our clients and we believe our clients are proud of the business relationship they have with us.

We would like to meet you, work with you to understand your needs and provide or suggest solutions that are responsive to those needs.

Select Contact Us, we’ll reply as soon as possible.

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